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Denizkizi Hotel has been hard at work for the past few years integrating environmental solutions to our daily processes helping to offset most if not all of the adverse by-products we all humans create directly or indirectly throughout our daily lives. So while having your holiday at the Denizkizi Hotel, you can at least feel assured that we have been doing all we can on your part to help minimise the impact on our environment. 


Solar Energy

pool solarpanelsWe have been investing in solar energy production units throughout the hotel while striving to ensure a minimum electricity and fuel consumption through energy efficient practices. We are proud to host the first and only commercial swimming pool in Northern Cyprus that is 100% solar powered. The pool's immense 800 ton water is cleaned by 8 12volt direct current pumps driven by 15kwp solar cells. Continuous operation of the solar driven pumps from dusk untill down ensure that while there is no electricity used from the mains, the pool needs less chemicals for sanitation. 

We've also recently finished installing the biggest yet mains connected solar plant in Northern Cyprus on top of our building roof. The hotel's roof is now fully covered with 220 solar panels generating 68.8kwp of energy. Our total solar production is now offsetting 90 tons of carbon-dioxiode per year which would have otherwise been released into the atmosphere.


Water Management

Water is a precious commodity on the island of Cyprus. Having an intense Mediterranean climate, the avarage rainfall is around 365mm a year. This makes availability of water, espcially in long dry summer months, very limited. Therefore, just like every Cypriot living on our island, we've learned to save every single drop throughout the hotel. From water efficient toilets and shower heads to continous employee training in the kitchens and housekeeping on the subject of water conservation, we are trying to ensure that water is used efficiently and not wasted. 

We are also treating and reusing 100% of our waste water in our gardens. You'll notice that our lush green gardens are maintained by this recycled water.


Energy Efficiency

Generating energy from the sun by solar collectors and photovoltaic panels would not mean much if did not take proper measures to decrease our dependency on fossil fuel generated power. Throughout the hotel we have completely moved away from conventional incandescent light bulbs replacing them with energy efficient led and compact flourescent lighting. All pumps and motors throughout the hotel are now being updated to inverter models and all aged refrigerators and coldrooms are replaced with high efficiency counterparts. 



Recycling forms the basis of every comprehensive envrionmental inititive and it's been no different for us. We have established procedures that help to reuse materials or safely deliver to third party sources for alternative solutions. These include corrugated cardboards, pvc materials, glass, natural and natual-composite wood, metals, and fabrics. We also utilise from compost stations in which kitchen waste is converted into fertile soil compost to be used in our garden.


Protecting Our Seas

We are the proud sponsor of 'Deniz Rezervi Project', which is a local inititive aiming to protect our marine life through the creation of marine reserves and protected areas in Northern Cyprus seas. We're diligently supporting their efforts hoping that one day our cove will be part of a marine protected area. 

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